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CenturyWeb offers a range of IT services from website design & development to software support.

Web Design and Development

We can design and develop your website. Our development team can cope with any project from a state of the art website using the latest technology, to a simple text based website. The choice is yours. click here for more info

IT Services

Centuryweb's IT support services for SMEs allows our clients to concentrate on their business while their IT infrastructure is quietly looked after by a team of experienced IT technician. click here for more info

Business Applications

We develop business applications to specific needs of our clients. We can either modify an of the shelf application or build a custom one. How we do approach this will depend on the client requirements. click here for more info

SMS Services & Applications

SMSAHEAD is our custom sms product. Our clients use this product to market their services and products. The use of this product could even lead to extra revenue for our clients.

We can use our service to SMS enable your site. This means if anything important happens on your website, you will get a text message. click here for more info

Looking after the needs of small to medium sized businesses is what we do best, and at a price that will not break the bank

Please consult us for all you internet related and business application needs.
















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