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SMS Services.

SMS Applications:

We build SMS applications that you and your business can use to send and manipulate sms messages.

   Uses Include:
       Discount Vouchers
       Flash Sale
       Last Minute Notifications:
       Account Balance
       Public Surveys
       Event Management:

SMS Enable Your Website:

SMS enable your website and you will know what is happening on your website the minute it happens. When some orders a product on your website you will get a text message straight away. When someone send you a contact us email, you will get a text message straight away. You can put a call back functionality on your website, and you will get a text message alerting you of the call back request.

Revenue Generation:

Our SMS service can be an extra source of revenue for your business. We work with your business to generate extra revenue for your business as you use our SMS service.

Please consult us for all you internet related and business application needs.

Tel: 01442 894 229 







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