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IT Services.

Our IT support staff look after you IT infrastrucutre while you do what you do best, run your business.

Hardware Support:

Our staff will regularly check the workings of your IT hardware to make sure that your infrastructure will not let you down.

Software Support:

21st Century Web will support your users of major desktop software. We will be on hand to answer user questions on a daily basis. Also we can arrange training sessions for users.

Backup Procedure:

We will work woth you to arrive at a suaitable backup procedure for your business We will recommend the backup procedure we feel is appropriate for your business. The backup procedure we recommend could be as simple as daily backup unto a flash drive or an online weekly backup directly to servers on the internet.

Virus & Spyware Scanning:

We can put system in place to scan & protect you computer for virus & spywar.

Internet Marketting:

We can help you market your business and your website online so that you get more business from you online presence.

Please consult us for all you internet related and business application needs.

Tel: 01442 894 229 














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