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Cenweb Back-Up Manager


We all know that data is crucial and every business should perform regular back-ups, but putting a cast-iron and foolproof procedure in place can be difficult and onerous.

So, how worried are you about an unfortunate incident, such as computer viruses, technical or hardware malfunction, theft, water or fire damage, or power cuts. How quickly, and with what level of integrity, can you restore your data and have your business back on track?

You may already be securing your data on a regular basis and this may be off-site but is it time consuming? Have you ever postponed it because the “day job” took over, and how long is it since you actually tested a back-up recovery?

Cenweb Back-Up Manager will take away the worry. Our solution provides you with a fully automated back-up system, which is highly flexible and can be tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements, including:

  • automated back-up daily, weekly or monthly as appropriate

  • no limit on the amount of data which can be stored

  • data stored securely off-site

  • protection against fire or water damage, theft or corruption

  • no changing of tapes or need to purchase new tapes or drives regularly

  • easy recovery of deleted or corrupted files

  • full automated, simple and easy to use

  • technical experience and support on hand.

  • Cenweb Back-Up Manager is truly secure and reliable, offering total peace of mind, and all far more cost effectively than you might think – it’s certainly “cheaper” than a business disaster.

    Please consult us for all you internet related and business application needs.



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